"This body of work focuses around everyday objects from my life. In a way it is a still life series but the objects are imbedded in the texture and composition of the paintings.

Some of the objects featured, such as the crown or straw puppet might seem unusual, but they filled my home because my family were Menora (Southern Thai traditional dance and shadow puppetry) performers. They travelled from village to village preforming. We all contributed to the performances and the creation of sets, props and costumes.

When I was a child, we lived a simple life. To occupy ourselves in the evenings we would all have small projects. Everyone in the family knew how to use objects to make something useful or creative – Mum would use coconut shells to make cups and ladles or banana leaves to weave baskets, Dad would be carving buffalo bones to create decorations for costumes, Grandfather would be using buffalo skin to create shadow puppets and the kids would be making sling-shots and other toys. This collection of work explores such objects."

Bundit Puangthong 2018

Bundit holds a Bachelor of Arts in printmaking from Chang Mai University, where renowned Thai artist Montien Boonma was his mentor, and a Master of Visual Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. He has exhibited widely throughout Australia and Asia.