Sherbrooke Garden Painting Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Sherbrooke Garden Painting
Sherbrooke Garden Painting 2017
Sherbrooke Garden PaintingMiranda SkoczekSherbrooke Garden Painting
Sherbrooke Garden Painting2017
oil and acrylic on linen
185 x 225 cm
The Five (no. 1) Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - The Five (no. 1)
The Five (no. 1) 2017
The Five (no. 1)Miranda SkoczekThe Five (no. 1)
The Five (no. 1)2017
oil and acrylic on linen
97 x 123 cm
$6,000  ENQUIRE
Journey In Satchidananda II Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Journey In Satchidananda II
Journey In Satchidananda II 2017
Journey In Satchidananda IIMiranda SkoczekJourney In Satchidananda II
Journey In Satchidananda II2017
oil, acrylic and collage on linen
156 x 140 cm
$8,800  ENQUIRE
The Five (no. 3) Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - The Five (no. 3)
The Five (no. 3) 2017
The Five (no. 3)Miranda SkoczekThe Five (no. 3)
The Five (no. 3)2017
oil and acrylic on linen
97 x 123 cm
Lunar (Blue) Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Lunar (Blue)
Lunar (Blue) 2017
Lunar (Blue)Miranda SkoczekLunar (Blue)
Lunar (Blue)2017
oil and acrylic on linen
156 x 140 cm
The Five (no. 2) Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - The Five (no. 2)
The Five (no. 2) 2017
The Five (no. 2)Miranda SkoczekThe Five (no. 2)
The Five (no. 2)2017
oil and acrylic on linen
97 x 123 cm
Persian Lion, Western Eye Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Persian Lion, Western Eye
Persian Lion, Western Eye 2017
Persian Lion, Western EyeMiranda SkoczekPersian Lion, Western Eye
Persian Lion, Western Eye2017
oil and acrylic on linen
123 x 97 cm
Shimmer Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Shimmer
ShimmerMiranda SkoczekShimmer
oil and acrylic on linen
156 x 140 cm
Beads Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Beads
Beads 2017
BeadsMiranda SkoczekBeads
oil and acrylic on linen
97 x 123 cm
From The Eyes To The Stars Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - From The Eyes To The Stars
From The Eyes To The Stars 2017
From The Eyes To The StarsMiranda SkoczekFrom The Eyes To The Stars
From The Eyes To The Stars2017
oil and acrylic on canvas
156 x 140 cm
Eyes, Nose, Box, Lips Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Eyes, Nose, Box, Lips
Eyes, Nose, Box, Lips 2017
Eyes, Nose, Box, LipsMiranda SkoczekEyes, Nose, Box, Lips
Eyes, Nose, Box, Lips2017
oil and acrylic on linen
123 x 97 cm
Journey In Satchidananda Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek - Journey In Satchidananda
Journey In Satchidananda 2017
Journey In SatchidanandaMiranda SkoczekJourney In Satchidananda
Journey In Satchidananda2017
oil, acrylic and enamel on linen
156 x 140 cm

“My paintings speak of a desire to create sanctuary for the self” says Miranda Skoczek. In her work, combined energies of gestural freedom, opulent colour and the physical qualities of paint emanate from the field of the canvas, extending to the viewer a sensual immersion within a haptic, temporal space. Further playing on a connection to perceptual depth and the passage of time, references are made to ancient cultures, the decorative arts and domestic architectures, proposing in the words of cultural critic Alain de Botton that ‘home is the guardian of our identity’.

She evokes the palimpsest as archeology, layering paint to provide a source of history, and ramping up process for a leap into the unknown. A self-confessed “big consumer of images” Skoczek constantly trolls the Internet and glossy magazines to fuel her need to collect, organize, edit and re-edit images from high and popular culture. By valuing honesty over notions of purity, a gentle irony seeps into Skoczek’s search for the sublime: her work rests upon the coexistence of beauty and imperfection. “Seeing, finding and revealing” are invested with spiritual importance for the artist and the viewer, and create a shared, meditative, visual world not unknown to artists like Rothko, but here accessible – and accepting – through her elegant, yet slightly off-kilter lyricism.

Miranda holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Victoria College of Arts, University of Melbourne, and a Diploma of Applied Arts and Graphic Design from the Canberra Institute of Technology. She has exhibited her paintings and collages internationally as well as throughout Australia in numerous solo and group exhibitions. 

MIRANDA SKOCZEK 'Rag Rugs and Lion Heads'

Miranda Skoczek is inspired by opulence. Not the kind you see in lifestyles of the rich and famous, though it might be. Nor the sort you find in the troves of the world’s museums and places of worship, though again it could be. But for Skoczek, opulence doesn’t equal luxury so much as joy and the pursuit of it – just as easily found in the slums of India during Holi, when the streets become such a riot of colour and adornment that the harsh living conditions are momentarily overshadowed.

Architecture, pop culture, fashion, religious iconography, antiquities, art history, traditional arts and crafts, music, travel, mysticism, talismans, interior design and customary rituals – these are just some of the influences that shape Skoczek’s practice. Her paintings are spacial and emotional responses to everything she consumes and surrounds herself with, informed by a theoretical understanding of colour and composition.

To what extent her surroundings impact her art practice was brought into strong relief during Melbourne’s protracted COVID-19 second wave. Skoczek continued to paint while juggling home-schooling as a single mother and, though challenging, it confirmed her home as an oasis – an extension of herself and identity, where her dreams are actualised and restored. This sense of happy containment has imbued her practice with deeper contemplations on time, space, change, transience, history and meaning, while simultaneously embracing contrasts as broad as those of the artist herself – materialistic yet spiritual, sometimes physical, sometimes soft and lyrical, intuitive and feminine, strong and self-assured.

Miranda Skoczek graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art – Painting from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2004, and won the College’s painting prize the same year. She also holds a Diploma in Visual Art – Painting from Victoria University of Technology (2001) and a Diploma of Applied Arts and Graphic Design from Canberra Institute of Technology (1997). She has exhibited at Linden New Art and Heide Museum of Modern Art as well as McClelland Gallery and internationally in exhibitions in Copenhagen and Hong Kong. Her work is collected by private clients in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and in the UK.

Carrie McCarthy, December 2020

Miranda Skoczek

  • Born 1977, Melbourne
  • Lives and works in Melbourne



  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting, Victorian College of the Arts


  • Diploma of Visual Art - Painting, Victoria University of Technology


  • Diploma of Applied Arts & Graphic Design, Canberra Institute of Technology



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  • 'Christmas Show', EDWINA CORLETTE, Brisbane
  • 'Directors Selection', Carbon Black Gallery, Melbourne


  • Artbank
  • Crown Metropol
  • Collection of the Mater Hospital
  • Collection of the Epworth Hospital
  • Brian Tucker Collection



  • Finalist, King's Art Show Prize, The King's School, Sydney


  • Painting Prize, Victorian College of the Arts, Graduate Show



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February 26, 2022

MIRANDA SKOCZEK - Interview for Vault Magazine

There is more to Miranda Skoczek’s paintings than immediately meets the eye. They are built intuitively and in layers, from colours, patterns and objects that she absorbs in her immediate home environment – and all over the world. They are often abstract, sometimes with figurative elements; they focus on paint and colour, process and time, to create a space that takes us somewhere other, outside the material world. Inspiration comes from art and antiquities, folk art and contemporary design – and through obsessive consumption of images. Skoczek describes herself as “a sponge,” confessing to VAULT: “I have 95,000 photographs on my phone.”

The mystical is evident in Skoczek’s hope that her paintings work like amulets for those who acquire them. Protective elements aside, in their sensual textures and influences, so powerfully evoked, these paintings emerge as poignant and poetic visual essays written to the past and the present.

Front Cover: Miranda Skoczek, Vault Magazine


March 22, 2021


Copywriter and content specialist Elle McClure was asked by the team at Medium Rare Content agency to help produce content for the autumn 2021 issue of the David Jones magazine, JONES HOME. As well as compiling trend pages and writing copy across the issue, Elle interviewed Otis Hope Carey, Louise Olsen and Miranda Skoczek as part of profiles on the artists.

You can read more HERE

November 30, 2019


'Artefacts', Alison Kubler, Vault Magazine, Issue 23, 104-105pp.

March 6, 2019


In celebration of Gorman’s decade-long collaboration with visual artists, Heide is presenting a two-week pop-up exhibition in the iconic modernist building, Heide II.

The exhibition will feature garments from a new range by Gorman created in conjunction with ten artists who have worked with the Australian clothing label since 2009: Rachel Castle, Megan Grant, Claire Johnson, Dana Kinter, Studio Elke, Rhys Lee, Ellie Malin, Mirka Mora, Liz Payne and Miranda Skoczek. The garments will be displayed alongside the artworks which inspired them.

Rad More HERE

October 4, 2018


Miranda Skoczek, Julian Meagher and John Aslanidis are finalists in The Kings School Art Prize 2018.

The King’s Art Prize is a $20,000 acquisitive award presented to the best contemporary artwork created by an artist resident in Australia and represented by a commercial gallery, supporting both the artists and the fine arts industry. Entry is by invitation only and the finalists are selected by an appointed Art Prize panel.


November 10, 2017


Miranda Skoczek's exhibition 'Rag Rugs and Lion Heads' is featured on the Art Guide website. Miranda spoke with Louise Martin-Chew about her latest exhibition 'Rag Rugs and Lion Heads', her inspiration and the shift in her practice to looser, more expressive works:

Miranda Skoczek’s abstract paintings evoke old walls with layers of forms and shapes that emerge over time. In her studio, she might work simultaneously on nine canvases. Transferring from one to the other, she allows each oil layer to dry before repeatedly painting over it until jewel-like colours resonate and a spatial sensibility has been established within which the viewer may dwell. Skoczek told Art Guide Australia, “I don’t paint about social concerns. I create wholly immersive, beautiful pictures. They are places for escape and restoration: harmonious, calming pictures.”

Miranda's exhibition is at the gallery from 14 November until 5 December 2017.

Read the full article here

October 13, 2017


Miranda Skoczek was a featured artist in the international group exhibition, The human experience, we are the ones doing works on canvas/Paintings XXXX at the Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon in Denmark. The exhibition was curated by Galina Munroe (Great Britain), Simon Ganshorn (Denmark) and Jordan Kerwick (Australia). The show featured 116 artists each working with abstraction through painting in their own distinct manner to promote diversity and highlight the possibility of medium and painting theory.

Read more on this exhibition here.

March 21, 2017


Miranda Skoczek presents her first collection of jewelled works at Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2017.

In DESHILADO, Miranda pays homage to the samplers created by stitchers in the early 16th Century. The collection is a three dimensional gathering of a myriad of interests and influences remixing materials and techniques, blurring the boundaries between objects, jewellery and art.

With a desire to connect ancient traditions with fashion, while acknowledging the archaeological importance of jewellery as artefact, Skoczek takes the opportunity to bring permanency to ornaments that have up to this point existed as abstract fragments in her paintings.

The exhibition is current until 25 March 2017.  View more here

February 6, 2017


Miranda Skoczek is featured on The Design Files blog with a look at her move from an inner city two bedroom apartment, to a bucolic retreat set amongst the verdant landscape of the Dandenong Ranges.  Miranda and her seven year old son Harper speak about the influence of nature on their lives and the impact a move to the country will have on her painting practice.

Read the article here.

November 30, 2016


Miranda Skoczek is renowned for her engaging, energetic works and her spectacular use of colour. A fixture on the Australian art scene, her work is instantly recognisable for its layers of intuitive colour, pattern and motifs. Iconic Australian label Country Road thought her work was perfect for a collaboration with charity RedKite. Miranda has designed two tote bags and a t-shirt, with all proceeds from each sale going towards providing essential support to children and their families who are facing cancer. 

Read the interview with Miranda here.

April 8, 2015

Miranda Skoczek and Gorman

Miranda Skoczek has collaborated with Gorman Clothing for their 2015 winter collection. In sync with the label’s aesthetic, Miranda’s artwork blends seamlessly into signature Gorman textures and styles. Her work is featured across all 53 pieces in the collection, with every print originating from five of her artworks.

Read more about the collaboration here.

16 November 2023 – 2 December 2023
Miranda Skoczek ‘Flowers Look Back at Me’

8 – 11 September 2022

26 November 2019 – 14 December 2019
MIRANDA SKOCZEK 'Better Get It In Your Soul'

26 June 2019 – 17 July 2019
THE NEW GALLERY SHOW — A Group Exhibition

12 – 16 September 2018

29 August 2018 – 15 September 2018

14 November 2017 – 5 December 2017
MIRANDA SKOCZEK 'Rag Rugs and Lion Heads'

18 October 2016 – 5 November 2016
Miranda Skoczek ‘Crazy Patchwork’

9 – 13 September 2015
Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

20 – 22 September 2013
Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

10 September 2013 – 12 October 2013
5th Anniversary Exhibition

16 October 2012 – 3 November 2012
Miranda Skoczek ‘Spirit Garden’

26 September 2011 – 15 October 2011
Miranda Skoczek ‘Animal Fantastical’ (Gallery 1)

30 October 2009 – 21 November 2009
Miranda Skoczek ‘Patterns of Knowledge’