Bundit Puangthong 'What Water Will Bring'

Bundit Puangthong’s perceptive search through worldwide cultural imagery is grounded in traditional technique and the buzz of the street. He’s a bit of a flaneur, mixing new meaning from sources like religious iconography, contemporary corporate advertising and the personal, internal dialogue that accompanies studio work. His dreamlike compositions draw on childhood experience stenciling puppet theatre backdrops with his grandfather, as well as years of formal study in Thailand and Australia. Old and new systems of visual persuasion are his “found objects” and all become fair game for inhabiting multiple philosophies of being.

“I don’t want to control the story or the meaning”, he says, “ because there doesn’t have to be a specific meaning to a painting.” Each work beckons the viewer, offering an infinite chance of connection in a shifting structure of desire and faith. With a Surrealist’s penchant for strange beauty, and the sensual, graphic line of a consummate draftsman, Puangthong’s work allows the viewer to lose and re-craft orientation to hard and fast notions of duality between East and West, high and popular culture.

Bundit Puangthong holds a Bachelor of Arts in printmaking from Chiang Mai University where renowned Thai artist Montien Boonma was his mentor, and a Master of Visual Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. He has exhibited widely throughout Australia and Asia. Puangthong has been a finalist in multiple prizes including: the Gold Award through Rockhampton Art Gallery, the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, the Paddington Art Prize, the Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize and the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award.

Carol Schwarzman