'Intuition, the delicate coupled with the raw and performative, like sweeps of a gesture. Masses of abstract colour are at times bound and bordered, hinting at or representative of forms and motifs that occupy my sub-conscious. I am possessed by colour, as I am with a physical expression that is playful, instinctual and led by experience. Specific colour memories, architectonic archways and the arm of an Etruscan vessel act as triggers, leading me to more considered layers, shapes and iconography. My everyday consumption of images, informing titles such as Howard (as a nod to the great painter Hodgkin), the Etruscans and the afterlife are testament to my obsession with antiquity and the decorative. A reminder that not only do I borrow from the whole history of mark-making and the canons of Western Art but that irreverence and wit are never far from my thoughts.'

Miranda Skoczek 2019