Beth Ebatarinja was born in 1968 in Ntaria (Hermannsburg) west of Alice Springs. This is her father’s country and she lived there until she moved as a young adult to Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp. Beth’s mother was from Papunya and was a Luritja speaker. Beth speaks both the language of her father, Western Arrarnta, and her mother’s language, Luritja. Beth says her great grandmother Linda and her Aunty Emily raised her in Ntaria. Taking her everywhere out bush, teaching her everything about the country. Beth spent many happy days at Palm Valley, walking everywhere, learning stories, and collecting bush foods. These same stories Beth likes to teach her children and grandchildren. When she can get a car Beth says she always goes out bush. Then she says she feels happy, out bush with her family.

Beth remembers her father doing a lot of painting when she was young. He was the watercolour artist, Arnulf Ebatarinja and these memories, she says, give her ideas for her own work. Beth says sewing now makes her happy and teaches her a new way to feel strong and proud for herself and her family.


Born 1984

Language Walpari

Region Mparntwe (Alice Springs)



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