Experiencing colour can be a fleeting moment. In these paintings I hope to catch the feeling before it disappears - before it gets lost in the noise of everything else. Those moments when we lie under a tree to look at the sky, or the branches - the lazy morning when a glimpse of light appears through the window, or the double-take to check if you’ve seen something correctly in your periphery. We all have our habits of perception and opinions about what we perceive. These paintings decode the process for me somewhat and help to separate what I think I see from what I feel about what I see.

The work in ‘Outside In’ continues my interest in layering fields of transparent colour to create an uncertain optical realism. What is coming forward, what is receding? What is flat and what has space? The slightly uncomfortable experience of not being able to focus wholeheartedly on an image is relieved by the clarity of the frame, the painting’s edge, where an attempt at certainty exists in the uncertain.