This latest body of work was generated as a response to my habit of taking photos of windows. A window can reflect the outside world or provide a glimpse into an interior whilst reflecting dual spaces simultaneously. Reflective surfaces invite a speculative response, where a viewer is compelled to move around in order to distil what they perceive.

A window can also act as a frame - a portal into another version of reality. Various devices can obscure our perception of reality and for me, I am constantly drawn to curtains and screens to represent this. The diaphanous nature of a curtain and the way it morphs in response to light or a breeze feels parallel to the nature of mind and the way in which it constantly reacts, creating its own version of reality.

In painting I am drawn to a representation that is changeable - that is, the painting changes as the light or viewer shifts position. Exploiting multiple viewpoints in a painting feels similar to the view from a window - the reflections constantly change, nothing stays the same. By using reflective pigments and transparent layering the paintings respond to the changing lighting conditions that surround it and prompt an engagement that is new upon each encounter. Continuing from Einstein’s revelation that space and time are relative, so is our experience of reality - in these paintings I hope to activate in the viewer an awareness of the act of perception and how changeable and subjective this experience can be.

Marisa Purcell 2019