Citrine Geode Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Citrine Geode
Citrine Geode 2017
Citrine GeodeLyndal HargraveCitrine Geode
Citrine Geode2017
oil on canvas
122 x 122 cm
Passion Drive Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Passion Drive
Passion Drive 2017
Passion DriveLyndal HargravePassion Drive
Passion Drive2017
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
$5,800  ENQUIRE
Mystic Topaz Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Mystic Topaz
Mystic Topaz 2017
Mystic TopazLyndal HargraveMystic Topaz
Mystic Topaz2017
oil on canvas
122 x 122 cm
Ancient Migrations Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Ancient Migrations
Ancient Migrations 2017
Ancient MigrationsLyndal HargraveAncient Migrations
Ancient Migrations2017
oil on canvas
150 x 150 cm
Offering Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Offering
Offering 2017
OfferingLyndal HargraveOffering
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Rubellite Love Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Rubellite Love
Rubellite Love 2017
Rubellite LoveLyndal HargraveRubellite Love
Rubellite Love2017
oil on canvas
122 x 122 cm
Star Lemon Quartz Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Star Lemon Quartz
Star Lemon Quartz 2017
Star Lemon QuartzLyndal HargraveStar Lemon Quartz
Star Lemon Quartz2017
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
$5,800  ENQUIRE
Red Guide Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Red Guide
Red Guide 2017
Red GuideLyndal HargraveRed Guide
Red Guide2017
pigment ink on 310 gsm etching paper
74 x 68 cm
Edition of 25  signed and numbered by the Artist 
$1,100  Unframed  ENQUIRE
Amo Rosso Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Amo Rosso
Amo Rosso 2017
Amo RossoLyndal HargraveAmo Rosso
Amo Rosso2017
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Flourish Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Flourish
Flourish 2017
FlourishLyndal HargraveFlourish
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
A Cappella Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - A Cappella
A Cappella 2013
A CappellaLyndal HargraveA Cappella
A Cappella2013
piano key, wood, metal
70 x 15 x 15 cm
$750 each (five works)  ENQUIRE
Blue Azurite Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Blue Azurite
Blue Azurite 2017
Blue AzuriteLyndal HargraveBlue Azurite
Blue Azurite2017
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Forbidden Fruit Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit 2017
Forbidden FruitLyndal HargraveForbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit2017
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Void And Substance Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Void And Substance
Void And Substance 2016
Void And SubstanceLyndal HargraveVoid And Substance
Void And Substance2016
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Geodyssey Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Geodyssey
Geodyssey 2016
GeodysseyLyndal HargraveGeodyssey
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Into The Maelstrom Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Into The Maelstrom
Into The Maelstrom 2017
Into The MaelstromLyndal HargraveInto The Maelstrom
Into The Maelstrom2017
oil on canvas
120 x 140 cm
Blox Lyndal Hargrave Lyndal Hargrave - Blox
Blox 2017
BloxLyndal HargraveBlox
mesh cubes, stitching
45 x 87 x 70 cm
$5,000  ENQUIRE

From my quiet studio in Redland Bay I construct complex paintings and modular sculptures. I have long been fascinated by the underlying order of things, the sense of pattern that lies beneath the chaos of life and a belief that everything is somehow connected within that pattern. My work is both an investigation of the world and a retreat from it.

Geometry is at the heart of my investigation just as it is at the heart of our understanding of the universe. From the patterns of spider webs to the movement of the planets, we measure, analyse and predict through geometric reckonings.

Complexity and repetition are key elements in this body of work and often involve a gradual transition between order and disorder. The modulating of simple geometric shapes allows endless investigations of the subtle shift of pattern, texture, colour and form.

As a carpenter’s daughter I have always known the value of building something by hand. My working process is industrious and considered. I manipulate forms and colours to create movement so the grid appears to shift forwards and backwards in space. The dualities of precision and ambiguity, organic and architectural are ever present. Ultimately, my work is an open-ended narrative. I encourage the viewer to experience the work as I do by becoming immersed in the sensual nuances of colour, pattern and form.

Lyndal Hargrave June 2017 

Lyndal Hargrave 'Prismatics'

Lyndal Hargrave's work is a celebration of the beauty of the natural world and the power of art to capture the essence of time and place. There is progression and impermanence across the work, mirroring moments of personal transition Hargrave herself experiences while in the studio. Her shimmering compositions inspire contemplation and introspection, allowing an opportunity to consider the constant push-pull of life and how we impact and are impacted by our surroundings.

'Family, art and travel are my passions in life. In 2022 I was able to indulge in all three on an 8000 km road trip dissecting this vast country through its very heart. A long awaited exploration of the Simpson Desert in our trusty 4WD and small tent morphed into a circuit of epic proportions due to flooded roads across three states.

The desert after rain is green, pastoral and full of life; beautiful but not the red centre I was hoping for. Then we neared Uluru. Deep blue skies against burnt orange cliffs took my breath away. Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon and the West MacDonnell ranges with their ancient rock forms and inky waterholes fed my soul.

Back in the studio, relying on memory and some photographs, I revisited this odyssey and other journeys I have taken, searching for the essence of a place. Working rapidly and abstracting the landscape into blocks of colour, I was able to create visual diaries of my travels.'

Lyndal Hargrave has a Diploma of Education in Fine Art from the Queensland University of Technology. She was the winner of the 2011 Mosman In Situ Sculpture Award, a finalist in the International Lace Award at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, twice a finalist in the Blake Prize Directors Cut Exhibition and a finalist in the Stan and Maureen Duke Prize. Collections include Artbank, The Gold Coast City Gallery, Redland City Council, Ipswich Grammar School and Greenslopes Hospital.

Lyndal Hargrave

  • Born 1959, Australia
  • Lives and Works in Redland Bay, Queensland



  • Diploma of Teaching (Art), Kelvin Grove CAE



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  • Sunshine Coast Art Prize Finalist, Caloundra


  • Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery


  • Shortlisted, Redland Art Awards, Redland Bay
  • Finalist, Clayton Utz Award, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane


  • Blake Directors Cut Finalist Exhibition, Sydney


  • Mosman Insitu Sculpture Award, Sydney
  • Design Commission for Sydney City Council Public Art, Goulburn Car Park
  • Design Commission for Gasworks Precinct Sculpture, Brisbane
  • International Lace Award, Finalist, Sydney Powerhouse Museum
  • Clayton Utz Award, Honourable Mention, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane
  • Blake Directors Cut Finalist Exhibition, Sydney
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  • Moreton Art Awards, Highly Commended, Moreton Bay Regional Council


  • Conrad Jupiters Art Awards, Finalist, Gold Coast City Art Gallery


  • Public Art Sculpture Commission, Lakeside Precinct, Victoria Point


  • The Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize, Emerging Artist Award, National Art School ­­­Gallery


  • Artbank
  • Redland City Council Art Collection
  • Gold Coast City Gallery
  • Ipswich Grammar School Art Collection
  • Victoria Point Library, Lakeside Precinct
  • Kennedy’s Recycled Timers
  • Greenslopes Hospital
  • Private collections in Australia

March 6, 2018


Lyndal Hargrave's works 'Emerald Alchemy' 2015 and 'Cloud Poetry' 2015 has been included in the inaugural exhibition of the new Gippsland Art Gallery title 'imagine' which celebrates the imagination in all its wild and wonderful forms.

Curated by Simon Gregg, 'imagine' is about beginnings — the beginning of the world, the birth of consciousness, an awakening to the possibilities before us.


September 14, 2017


Lyndal Hargarve was a finalist in the 2016 Clayton Utz Art Award which is now being exhibited at Lethbridge Gallery by appointment. The Award is open to Queensland-based artists offering a $10,000 winner’s prize. Congratulations Lyndal Hargrave.


May 8, 2017


The Sunshine Coast Art Prize is a national contemporary acquisitive award presented by Sunshine Coast Council. The Award is open to any artist who is an Australian resident, working in a 2D medium.

Forty finalists have been selected for an exhibition at the Caloundra Regional Gallery and the winning work will be added to the Sunshine Coast Art Collection.

Angela Goddard is the judge for the Sunshine Coast Prize 2017. Angela is the Director of Griffith Artworks, responsible for the Griffith University Art Collection and the Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane. Angela was previously the Curator of Australian Art at the Queensland Art Gallery I Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA). Winners announced 31 August.

Image: Lyndal Hargrave | Tectonic Tremblings | 2016 | oil on canvas | 100 x 100 cm

Read more Here.

February 24, 2016

Lyndal Hargrave DAILY IMPRINT Interview

Lyndal Hargrave is featured on the DAILY IMPRINT: Interviews on Creative Living. Interviewed by Natalie Walton, Lyndal talks about her inspirations and passions. Read the full article here. 

“I’m drawn to patterns that shape our universe – the hexagons of a beehive, the fractals of a fern, the prisms of minerals,” she says. “I’m moving away from hard edge geometry to a more organic, lighter approach.” Lyndal Hargrave, 2016.

Lyndal’s exhibition ‘New Geometricks’ is current to 27 February, 2016. View her available works here.

February 10, 2016

Lyndal Hargrave 'New Geometricks''

Please join us for the official opening drinks of Lyndal Hargrave's first exhibition with Edwina Corlette Gallery 'New Geometricks' this Saturday 13 February, 2 - 4pm. The exhibition is current 2 - 27 February.

Carrie McCarthy writes of Lyndal's practice,

'Geometry. From the ancient Greek Geo, meaning earth, and Metron, meaning measurement. In mathematics, it is the branch that deals with points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids. By measuring how each facet of the universe relates to another, it taps to the undercurrent, the guidelines that underpin natural evolution, and the chaos that manages to exist within those parameters. Used in art, geometry creates constraints into which artists can channel their contemplations and emotional energies, creating what the grandfather of geometric abstraction, Kazimir Malevich, once called “the primacy of pure feeling in creative art.” Where modernism taught us that subject was no longer as important as form, geometric abstraction has taught us to consider form as the embodiment of the deepest structures of the universe, challenging our perceptions of surface and space. For Lyndal Hargrave, geometry is the foundation from which she makes sense of her environment.

To see the universe as Lyndal Hargrave does is to see the world in macro. An artist whose practice is informed by the twin concepts of fractal geometry and cellular biology, her work magnifies organic life to the point that recognizable forms are lost in a kaleidoscope of patterns and grids, fragmented and prismatic. Intrigued by the vast mysteries of the natural world, Hargrave’s explorations use key elements of complexity and repetition to consider theories of connectivity, evolution and interdependence. Balancing her scientific and mathematical sensibilities is an instinctive use of colour, arrangement and tone to illustrate the belief that we are all part of the world, not separate from it. Incorporating both painting and wall-based sculpture, each work is an organic and intuitive rendering of well-defined principles, created by an artist attuned to both the earth’s vibrations and her own personal cadences.

In New Geometricks, Hargrave expands on her previous ruminations on interconnectedness by immersing herself wholly in the creative process rather than focusing on strict geometric considerations. Technically confident, Hargrave has trusted past experience to guide this show, ultimately letting her subconscious decide which direction the work would take. The overall effect is ethereal and otherworldly, with compositional studies that drift between cloudy dreamscapes and emerald green underwater worlds. Gem-like prisms tumble upon each other in perpetual motion, floating forward and back, rising and falling with each undulation, giving the works a softness and tactility more akin to quilting or thread art than the hard edges of geometric abstraction. Devoid of representational forms and fixed-point perspectives, emotion is instead conveyed via the subtle nuances of colour, tone and shape, acting not unlike music’s ability to evoke feeling and sentiment. There is a sense of progression and impermanence across these works too, mirroring the moments of personal transition Hargrave herself experienced while in the studio. The result of this working style is a practice that serves as a filter between her outer and inner worlds, ambiguous to the audience, but a visual diary of lived experiences for Hargrave herself.

Ultimately though, Hargrave’s works aren’t intended for such didactic consideration. Rather, these shimmering compositions should inspire contemplation and introspection in the viewer, allowing an opportunity to consider the theories put forward, and to volunteer another interpretation entirely.

It is the constant push-pull of life – how we impact, and are impacted by, our surroundings that is key.'

To view Lyndal's available works, click here.


20 March 2024 – 9 April 2024
Lyndal Hargrave ‘Wanderlust’

7 – 21 December 2023
SMALL WORKS - Click and Collection

23 November 2021 – 15 December 2021

18 February 2021 – 6 March 2021
Lyndal Hargrave ‘Grounded’

26 June 2019 – 17 July 2019
THE NEW GALLERY SHOW — A Group Exhibition

29 August 2018 – 15 September 2018

11 July 2017 – 3 August 2017
Lyndal Hargrave ‘Prismatics’