Light, Blue, Disco

Light, Blue, Disco is an exhibition of works on paper that explore the limits of watercolour painting. Each work carefully considers the pushes and pulls of watery bleeds, hues and the subtle textures that arise as part of the drying process. They were painted by using a super-wet process to create numerous layers of washes, colour pools, and gestural shapes before figurative symbolic shapes emerged from the surface. I liken this process to a slow-motion dance of sorts, when light, shapes, and movement collapse together, leaving a lasting impression, like a time-lapse image taken at a party.

As these works required patience to watch and massage where the bleeds and colours finally set, a series of small intimate works also evolved in tandem. Painted in the studio with a mixed playlist of music playing at all times, but mostly 80’s Italian disco, a small world of characters appeared - some dreamt, some connected to the places I love, some fond memories.

Tara Marynowsky August 2022