The Art Gallery of Ballarat has acquired two Vipoo Srivilasa works for their permanent collection. The works are 'Aqium' and 'Lori the Healthcare Hero' from the COVID SUPERHERO EXHIBITION 2020.

What does a COVID-19 superhero look like? Ceramicist Vipoo Srivilasa has created a collection of superheroes inspired by the dreams of people in the Ballarat community. Each superhero has a special power to fight off COVID-19.

This project is a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the City of Ballarat’s Creative City team.

'I created ‘COVID Superheroes’ last year, inspired by dreams of people in the Ballarat community. They were part of a project to reflect some of the mood and experiences of 2020'. Vipoo Srivilasa 2021