Vipoo Srivilasa has been awarded The 2021 Ceramic Artist of the Year by the editorial staff of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated (USA).

The annual Ceramic Artist of the Year award is presented to an artist whose work reflects current aesthetics and sets an example for ceramic artists by embracing current trends, technology, studio, marketing, and/or community-focused practices.

“Over the course of your career, you’ve been very active with exhibitions, winning numerous awards, public art projects, teaching, mentoring, and community outreach. In addition, you have helped to support and advance the global clay community through innovative social media fundraising campaigns, among other projects.

You have also been very active in engaging with the field of ceramics and expanding creative connections with other creative fields and the wider community.

The fact that you can consistently create work as a self-employed artist in addition to having a busy international workshop, lecture, and exhibition schedule is impressive. In short due to all of your personal creative achievements, as well as your dedication to the field, we feel that you are more than deserving of the Ceramic Artist of the Year award.”

Jessica Knapp

Editor, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, Associate Editor, Pottery Making Illustrated, at The American Ceramic Society

In addition to the monetary award, The Artist of the Year feature will be in the 2021 Ceramic Arts Yearbook.