Solo Exhibition, Jane du Rand

Jane du Rand was the recipient of the 2019 Regional Arts Development Fund which supported her to develop a new body of work focused on the architecture and history of Ipswich, Queensland. These works aim to capture the essence of the homes that reflect the lives of the people living in Ipswich and to create a ceramic record of “living in Ipswich”.

"The architect in me finds the urban fabric of Ipswich to be beautiful and unique. The collection of Queenslander houses and their positions in the streetscapes around Ipswich are amazing and I cannot go about my daily commutes without constantly being fascinated by the houses that pass me by. There are really beautiful historical homes, but there are also so many wonderful “everyday” Queenslanders of varying age and condition lived in by local people, and it is these homes and their occupants, and the way people use and live in their houses that interest me the most." Jane du Rand 2020