Toby Orton from Plain Magazine features Eliza Gosse's work. He writes:

Delving into social issues of national identity and immigration, artist Eliza Gosse focuses on the post-war houses built for European migrants in her home country of Australia in the 50s, 60s and 70s. In her striking oil paintings, Gosse’s style combines clean, color blocked geometric forms that call to mind the utopian ideals of suburban planning with a ‘nostalgic
inflection’. The ‘Suburban Modernism’ that she has created is a response to her interests in design history, the initial impact of inexpensive post-war architecture on communities and the way that the design’s influence and meaning is viewed over time. In her paintings of the Australian (and to a lesser extent, American) suburbs she celebrates an era of design that mocks the unflattering stereotype of bland suburbia and celebrates the unabashed invention of the time.