We’re closer than you think brings together artwork by 19 artists based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The exhibition questions the notion of ‘regionality’ and the perception that artists working outside of metropolitan areas are hindered by location. The Northern Rivers, like many regional centres, is no longer just a ‘receiver’, passively waiting to consume pre-packaged arts and culture, but are now recognised as centres of arts creation in their own right with relationships in metropolitan and international markets.

The exhibition is commissioned as part of the Artstate Lismore Arts Program.

"The lightness and darkness of parenting permeates both the process, and narrative of [Amber] Wallis’s work. Now a mother, she has had to renegotiate time to create a productive and consolidated art practice. Works once ruminated over in the flesh are now pondered while she parents. In thinking about her child’s future her thoughts stray to her past. These memories, both cherished and banished, have found their way into her mind and painting. This changed way of working has created a fragmented approach with long thought processes and minimal practical time..."

- Natalie Bull and Zoe Robinson-Kennedy 

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