Abbey McCulloch’s current practice has been transforming over the summer, from small ink on paper studies to large oil on canvas works. 

“We seem to let more of our hidden selves bubble to the surface as we age but perhaps it is just the prickly self-consciousness of youth that dissolves away. I think that at times we all struggle with honest versions of ourselves. Perhaps that is the best part about getting older, the guard lowers, our Dobermans settle."

With this idea that we can be too careful for own good, the images explore the impossible and yet wonderful abandon in letting aspects of our hidden selves surface. Allowing the consequences to fall around us, even if for a moment.

Abbey McCulloch and Tara Marynowsky joint exhibition 'Rawhide' is on from 14 June – 9 July, 2016. To view Abbey’s available works, click here.