John Aslanidis recently exhibited his work ’Sonic Network no.13’ 2013 in the group exhibition ‘Colour Music’ at the Drill Hall Gallery, at the Australian National University. The exhibition sought to “bring together the work of visual artists who speculate on connections between pictorial form and pitch, harmony, movement and musical notation.” Curated by Tony Oates the works in the exhibition ranged from painting using light, performance, kinetics and musical collaborations. All of which embody a “preoccupation with synaesthesia that haunted the modernist project.” Other artists included Roy de Maistre, Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, Jozef Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski and Frank Hinder.
For Aslanidis his paintings “occupy a space which exists between vision and sound, a perceptual approach to abstraction with conceptual underpinnings.”