“In the sonic network series I use a set of mathematical intervals to compose the paintings which are relative to a symmetrical grid on each of the four canvases. 

This drawing that I use as a reference point to compose my paintings, is akin to an algorithm or “musical score”. This allows me to improvise when composing the paintings and arbitrarily choose any of the eight points on each canvas to create complex compositions that are underpinned by a structured approach, which appear at first glance to be random.

The intention is to create imagery where there is no starting or finishing point, capturing a fragment of infinity. In this regard my work has a strong correlation with emergence theory where complex patterns emerge out of simple interactions.

This systematic and interdisciplinary approach has a strong correlation with music, mathematics and science. My work is not an illustration of sound but rather a visual expression to its physicality.”

John has exhibited throughout Australia for over 20 years. His work is currently represented by galleries in Australia, New York and Berlin, and he has received grants from the Australia Council, Arts Victoria, the NSW Ministry of the Arts and the Pollack Krasner Art Foundation (US). He has worked extensively in collaboration with composers to install his work with their music written in response to his paintings, to create a multi-sensory experience.