Of late, and upon reflection on how fast paced our world can be, I have a renewed appreciation of time, and of being in the wait without distraction. For me, anticipation and hope are felt in the darkness: during the cold, quiet vigil for dawn, with the uncertain reward of good light. There is a lot to notice, discern, consider, learn and immerse oneself in during any waiting period. Conceptually, an active waiting has remained with me. The conclusion that I have drawn is that peace and beauty are found in patience. One must learn to breathe with the knowledge that the small moments of taking notice carry significance.

This body of work spans a variety of scenes stumbled upon in my travels. It was created in response to the pure joy found in the beauty of a particular moment. As always, my paintings are less about specific places; rather they pose as a reflection of the emotion brought within that slice of time and how the landforms evoke a solidarity with my internal journey. I seek to capture and share what my experience has been in those times—whether that is within a quiet space, when being captivated by that special light, or when awestruck by the immense scale of a mountain. I have danced in childlike delight beside a pond in a moody, ephemeral lit sky in the middle of nowhere. I have felt intense awe at the scale of the mountains looming over me and the depth of the lakes. I have stood still on a summer morning in a pastoral countryside with my feet in the dewy grass and discovered new perspectives, lines and golden light from the air. This is the sheer beauty that brings hope, reminds me to keep going, and to stop and contemplate.

Time spent in the studio quietly working on these scenes whilst listening to piano scores has been a solace and a joy. Working in watercolour on paper using transparent layers of colour has in turn informed the way in which I have approached working in oils. I have sought to capture the brilliance of colour and the luminous light of sky or mountain face using glazed layers of paint. Both mediums have become of equal importance in my practice.

Carla Hananiah July 2016