July 8, 2017


Carla Hananiah has collaborated with Australian children's wear label Mad About Mini for their 2017 Winter Collection.  Of the collection Mad About Mini says:

We had the privilege of collaborating with one of Australia’s up-and-coming artists, Carla Hananiah, whose painting “Mountains” is featured for the 2017 Winter Collection. Carla has been the recipient of several prestigious awards and has showcased her work in regular exhibitions since 2009. Carla has an incredible talent for capturing all that is breathtaking and majestic about nature. This particular watercolour is a scene from one of her favourite spots in the south island of New Zealand, a place she refers to as ‘paradise’. For Carla, this immense beauty takes her beyond her ‘everyday’ and awakens her imagination to new discoveries and new adventures! 

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February 28, 2015

Carla Hananiah features in Daily Life

In an article from Daily Life, Carla Hananiah was named one of seven young artists to invest in now. 

Carla’s technique has drawn great attention. Exuberant brush strokes and marbled skies uniquely capture light, shadow and shape across immense spaces. The purity of colour in her works also purveys a sense of mysticism bordering on the spiritual.

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