Nell Pearson

Art is escape for Nell Pearson. Purposefully left open for other’s interpretation and deliberation, her work beckons us to join her in its dreamy hiatus.

Beginning always with the human figure, her work develops organically as an exploration of the potential for beauty. Often she finds it in the unguarded pauses which imperceptibly punctuate each of our days.

These works arrest the passage of time and allow a languid indulgence of the moment – space to select and ponder the beauty of a colour, the ravishing gesture of a line, and revel in its hedonistic possibilities. Such an approach comes from a working strategy that involves repeated drawing on the canvas before painting begins.

Each image is built on a foundation of investigation, where ideas are sketched and interlaced between renewed layers of gesso paint. In the end, all of these ghostly lines, the trails of movement and adjustment that make up the history of the work, remain visible. In a world where time has become a commodity, such idleness exists as pure romance – the dream of what might be, the nostalgia for the things yet to be felt.