My work grapples with the visually Baroque age in which we live, via the historical medium of oil paint. I’ve recently worked through a series of paintings that reference art history, towards a new series of work based on a fragmentation of space, form, imagery and colour.

The historically based paintings were an examination of the various troupes of painting, being playful with the western classical and baroque traditions. They both respected and subverted those traditions. There is no dark colour used in these works, so the form is created via composition and complementary colour.

The more recent fragmented and collage based works are a simple and direct response to the image-based world in which we currently live. A world in which we are exposed daily to a thousand times more images than visual artists of merely a generation ago. The visual library that contemporary artists and audiences possess is extreme and exponentially expanding, I have responded to this in my work.

Each new painting should be a new experiment, and at all times I’ve tried to avoid repeating a style of painting. If a painting is successful then it will be for that reason.

Stefan Dunlop 2022