When I began working towards this exhibition in late 2019, I was compelled to interpret my surroundings through an abstract, geometric filter. This interest in structure and nuances of the natural environment has driven my practice for many years. When our world began to shift in 2020 I retreated to my safe place, my studio. A time of such unimaginable and universal concern is bound to leave its mark. My focus moved from invention towards observation.

Like many, I found solace in more intimate environments, closer to home.

This body of work kept me focused, calm and relatively sane when all around me was uncertain. Morning walks near my home in Redland Bay were more frequent and more closely observed than before. Red cordaline plants against an old fence, mangroves reflected in murky water, pink skies and grey seas interwove to form the fabric of my day. Camping trips to Winton and Carnarvon Gorge and an earlier trip to Uluru extended my pallet to include the rich reds, purples and greens of those magnificent landscapes.

Being grounded in 2020 has given me a heightened appreciation for the beauty and familiarity of my home soil.

Lyndal Hargrave 2021