At My Table is an exhibition of still life paintings that speak of a love of the everyday. Made with both traditional oil painting methods and an airbrush, the layers of paint often describe more than one scene, adding and subtracting as the composition dictates. These are hybrid paintings of both real and imagined subjects, mainly of the artist’s table and effects.

“For me the bric-a-brac of modern life has always held a strange beauty. It’s about colour and composition, but it also tells a story. I’m attracted to the casual clutter of vessels and objects which stand as evidence of our shared humanity, the objects we use in our daily lives. This is what gets left on the table.

For each person who looks at an artwork there is a different response, for some it evokes a memory, for others an emotion. Art is personal. Whatever my intentions are as an artist, whatever drove me to create a work is only a small part of the puzzle. How it is perceived is another.” John Bokor 2019