'After Hours is an exhibition of new works that consider the quiet moments in both man-made and natural environments that feel so still they transcend the restrictions of time. In these landscapes, I attempt to allude to the grandeur and timelessness of the natural world through an immersive use of colour and subtle rendering of light. The dream-like treatment of the environment is tense with the feeling of a human presence having recently vacated.

These environments possess a disorientating grasp of time. It is unclear whether they are set in the past, the present or a mysteriously abandoned future where the concept of time has become irrelevant with no one left to mark the hours.

Whether using oil paint or pastels, I blend my marks over and over until the lines become less distinct and the fields of colour begin to vibrate. This soft execution of materials compliments my intention to capture enduring moments that demand a silent contemplation.'

Lucy O'Doherty 2019

Winner of the prestigious Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship (2016), O’Doherty completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School, Sydney, in 2011. Highly commended in the Pro Hart Outback Prize in 2016, she has been a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize in 2015, the Brunswick St Gallery Small Works Prize in 2013 and 2012, and the Lethbridge 10000 Small-Scale Art Award in 2012. Her work is held in the Artbank Collection, Imago Mundi Bennetton Collection and in private collections in Australia.