John Aslanidis

Inviting us to intertwine our rational side with our intuition, John Aslanidis' elegant chromatic paintings offer a vision firmly grounded in knowledge of physics, mathematics and music theory. His colour and line create a poetics of the interval – the space between – and blur the normative boundaries between what we see, hear, feel and experience through time. He calls his paintings “fragments of infinity.”

Aslanidis generates energizing systems of graphic, linear and multi-centred repetition, avoiding hierarchical composition. Colour is liberated and balanced by greys and blacks married to complementary opposites to create high contrast, as surely and compositionally resolved as when our eyes take in our daily environment – the foregrounds and backgrounds, interiors and exteriors, micro- and macro-cosmos that coalesce into our visible world. Our immersion in his rhythmic, tactile visuals calls up the shimmering cadence of the cicadas’ song or, perhaps, the ineffability of wave theory.

John has exhibited throughout Australia for over 20 years. His work is currently represented by galleries in Australia, New York and Berlin and he has received grants from the Australia Council, Arts Victoria, the NSW Ministry of the Arts and the Pollack Krasner Art Foundation (US). He has worked extensively in collaboration with composers to install his work with their music written in response to his paintings, to create a multi-sensory experience.

Carol Schwarzman